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Emsisoft Anti-Malware/Anti-Trojan Software


Emsisoft Anti-Malware is a malware protection software which is specialized in detecting Trojan Horses (Trojans), Worm-Viruses (Worms), Dialers and Spyware/Adware. This also includes Viruses, Backdoors, Browser Hijackers, Rootkits, harmful BHOs, Hacking Tools, KeyLoggers, Exploits, Nukers and any kind of other harmful software tools.


Emsisoft Anti-Malware ist eine Malware Schutz-Software welche auf die Erkennung und Beseitigung von Trojanischen Pferden (Trojanern), Wurm-Viren (Würmern), Dialer und Spyware/Adware spezialisiert ist. Das inkludiert ebenso Viren, Backdoors, Browser Hijacker, Rootkits, gefährliche BHOs, Hacker Tools, KeyLogger, Exploits, Nuker und jede andere Art von schadhafter Software.


Emsisoft Anti-Malware est un logiciel gratuiciel de protection contre les Malwares qui est spécialisé sur la reconnaissance et l'élimination des Trojans chevaux de Troie (Trojans), Vers/Virus (Vers), Dialers et Spywares/Adwares. Cela inclue également les Backdoors, Browser Hijacker, les dangereux BHOs, Hacker Tools, KeyLogger, Exploits, Nuker et autre genre de logiciel endommageur.


Emsisoft Anti-Malware es un software freeware de protección contra malware que se especializa en detectar Caballos Troyanos (Troyanos), Virus-Gusano (Worms), Dialers (Marcadores) y Spyware/Adware. Esto también incluye Backdoors, Hijackers del navegador, BHOs dañinos, herramientas de Hacking, KeyLoggers, Exploits, Nukers y cualquier otro tipo de software dañino.


Emsisoft Anti-Malware e' un software di protezione da malware che e' specializzato nel rilevamento di Trojan Horses (Trojans), Worm-Viruses (Worms), Dialers e Spyware/Adware. Questo include anche Backdoors, Browser Hijackers, BHO pericolosi, Strumenti per hacking, KeyLoggers, Exploits, Nukers e qualsiasi altro tipo di strumento software pericoloso.
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Recent antitrojan tests:

Emsisoft Anti-Malware Conquers MRG-Effitas Q4 2013 Time to Detect Assessment

The Q4 2013 MRG-Effitas Time to Detect Assessment results are in.

The verdict?  Emsisoft Anti-Malware receives a Perfect 100% Score once again.

Testing Conditions


MRG-Effitas assesses the ability of security software to protect computers from live and active malware in the wild.  The Q4 2013 Time to Detect Assessment exposed 19 different products to 567 early life malware samples.  85% of these samples came from live URLs; 15% came from a USB stick.

The “Time to Detect” metric measures how long it takes a software to detect a malware infection that the software was unable to prevent.

Emsisoft’s 100% Performance

  • 567 samples blocked
  • 0 samples missed
  • Time to Detect:  0 hours

Emsisoft Anti-Malware blocked 100% of the test’s malware samples on its very first try.  Nothing slipped through. As such, our Time to Detect metric was 0 hours.




“Emsisoft, Kaspersk[y] and SoftSphere were the only applications which successfully detected/blocked all 567 malicious binaries and so protected the system under test from infection in the first instance.”

Kaspersky Employees: +2,700
Emsisoft Employees: +25

Same results; 108 times more efficient.

Complete report available for download at the MRG-Effitas website.

About MRG-Effitas

MRG-Effitas is assessing the ability of a cohort of security products to prevent an endpoint from being infected by live, ITW malware. The two metrics MRG-Effitas believes are most relevant are:

1. The time taken to protect a system. There are two sub elements to this metric:

  • Time to detect
  • Time to remediate

2. Assessment of data exfiltration. There are three sub elements to this metric:

  • Determination as to whether a data breach has occurred or not (uncorrupted data)
  • Calculation of what was breached
  • Measurement of how long the breach occurred

VB100 Ranking for Emsisoft Anti-Malware on Windows 8.1

vb100-dec2013The results from VB100’s Comparative Review on Windows 8.1 are in, and Emsisoft Anti-Malware showed yet another solid performance.  This test was unique because Virus Bulletin intentionally timed it to coincide with the October’s Windows 8.1 release, yet Emsisoft braved the challenge head on and did quite well, if we say so ourselves.

VB100 Dec. 2013 Windows 8.1 Test Results:

  • On demand Standard & Extended Wildlist:  100%
  • On access Standard & Extended Wildlist:  100%
  • False Positives: 0
  • Warnings: 0

Emsisoft Anti-Malware also had one of the lowest file access lag times in the bunch and put up an impressive show against Windows Defender.  In fact, this round of VB100 testing was the first time the organization compared vendors to Defender, and Emsisoft Anti-Malware outperformed the default anti-virus in numerous subtests!

Virus Bulletin Concludes:

  • Emsisoft had a strong 2013, putting in a nice run of passes…”
  • “The interface is bright and attractive…proving clear and simple to use, offering a good set of controls.”
  • “On-access lag times seemed very light indeed…RAM use was low…and our set of activities blasted through very quickly…”
  • Detection was really quite excellent.”

About Virus Bulletin

Virus Bulletin is a neutral authority that conducts some of the most respected tests in the Anti-Virus industry. We are proud to announce that Emsisoft Anti-Malware has once again achieved the VB100 rating, this time in December 2013′s Comparative Review on Windows 8.1. The full report can be found in the December 2013 edition of Virus Bulletin.

Technical Specs:

“All tests were run on identical systems with AMD A6-3670K Quad Core 2.7GHz processors, 4GB DUAL-DDR3 1600MHz RAM, dual 500GB and 1TB SATA hard drives and gigabit networking, running Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro, 64-bit edition.” –VB100 Comparative Review on Windows 8.1.

Emsisoft Receives Special Mention in AV-Comparatives’ 2013 Summary Review

avc real world protection silver

Each year, Austrian based independent antivirus testing organization, AV-Comparatives, releases an annual report summarizing the results of all the tests it has conducted throughout the year.  Back in December of 2013, Emsisoft received an Advanced+ ranking from AV-C for our top performance  in their semi-annual Real World Protection Test.   You might not have known it, but we actually did quite well on a few other important AV-Cs throughout the year, and to commend our performance AV-Comparatives has given us a special mention in their 2013 Summary Report!

Consistent, Unobtrusive Performance on our Very First Try

Every year, AV-C pits software against software to determine which vendor is offering the very best anti-malware solution.  AV-C’s testing methods focus on determining which software can provide the best protection against real-world Internet threats, which can identify the most recent malicious programs among thousands of signatures, and which can provide the most comprehensive protection without slowing down the PC.  AV-C also runs optional tests to determine how well an anti-malware product  can remove malware from an infected computer, block new and unknown threats, and protect users from phishing attacks.

2013 was the very first year Emsisoft participated in any of AV-C’s tests.  We’d be lying if we said we weren’t intimidated by their comprehensiveness and their rigor, but looking back we’re quite proud of how we fared.  Even better, AV-C was impressed with our seminal performance as well:

“We feel that Emsisoft deserves a special mention for gaining the Silver Award in the Real-World Protection Test in its first year of testing.”

To us, this is quite the compliment — even if we didn’t quite make Gold.

Emsisoft’s 2013 AV-C Awards

Achieving AV-C’s Silver Award for Real World Protection in 2013 is the result of receiving top marks on both of the testing agency’s Real World Protection tests.  As mentioned above the most recent of these tests took place in December 2013, but there was actually another one that took place from March to June, the results of which were published in September.

AV-C’s Real World Protection Test measures anti-malware software under real world, dynamic conditions.  To do well, an anti-malware “must provide a high level of protection without producing too many false alarms, and without requiring the user to make many decisions.”  Anti-malware solutions that rank high in the Real World Protection test are those that demand little from their users and that operate unobtrusively in the background of their PC.  Each test is 3 months long, and after each round Emsisoft received an Advanced+ rating, the test’s highest mark.

In addition, Emsisoft also received an Advanced+ rating on AV-C’s File Detection Test in September, which evaluated how well our software could identity malicious files once they had been loaded onto a computer.  In all, this gave Emsisoft a 99.2% Protection Rate for the year.

AV-C Likes Our Take on PUPs, Too


Awards aside, AV-C also liked Emsisoft’s take on PUPs, commending it as a “well-illustrated” component of our software’s installation process.

If you haven’t heard, PUPs comprise an emerging (and quite annoying) segment of not-so-malware that come in on freeware installs and that you really don’t want bogging down your PC.  Many anti-malware companies are slow to mention PUPs, and so we couldn’t be happier to see that an independent testing organization like AV-C is recognizing them for what they are — and that they’ve got a sense of humor.  To learn more about PUPs, check out recent knowledge base blog post published last month.

AV-C Gold in 2014!

Overall, Emsisoft is proud to have placed as high as we did among 22 competitive vendors.  But we’re not stopping there.  2014 is here, and we’re ready to take on whatever AV-Comparatives can throw at us a second time around.  By this time next year, our goal is to achieve AV-C Gold, and to bring that 99.2 as close to 100% as possible, while remaining as unobtrusive as ever for the sake of our customers.

2013 was a year well done, but providing anti-malware is a job that never ends.  After a well spent holiday, Emsisoft is prepared for 2014 and ready to provide top ranking performance yet again!

Emsisoft is OPSWAT Certified



Emsisoft Anti-Malware 8 has just received OPSWAT Certification, an industry standard for interoperability in systems administration.  OPSWAT Certification is awarded to security software that has been verified interoperable with networking technology solutions such as Juniper and Cisco, and software that is certified is recognized as being easily integrable on millions of user endpoints.

For more information on OPSWAT Certification, check out OPSWAT For Software Vendors at

AV-Comparatives 2013 Real World Protection Test

av-c advanced+ dec 2013

Emsisoft Anti-Malware stands up to yet another round of testing, this time receiving an Advanced+ rating in AV-Comparatives’ 2013 August-November Real World Protection Test – the most important test of the second half of 2013.

Advanced+ is the highest ranking a program can receive, and The AVC Real World Test is one of the most comprehensive and trying evaluations in the industry.  The test is constructed to emulate real-world antimalware situations, meaning that top performers are those that provide end users with the absolute best in computer security and antivirus protection.

Primary Conditions

AV-Comparatives (AVC) is an independent, Austrian based antivirus testing organization. AVC is dedicated to testing whether antivirus security software “lives up to its promises,” and it does so by running its Real World Protection Test twice a year.

The Real World Protection Test is designed to re-create the typical experience of your everyday PC user. To begin, AVC installs each program to be tested on a computer with the following specifications:

Type: Dell Optiplex 755
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo
Hard Disk: 80 GB SSD
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit, updated to August 2nd, 2013

Computers are then loaded with the antivirus software, configured to default settings. What follows is a 4 month testing period, where each computer and its given software goes through a typical user experience every single day.

Daily User Experience

The AVC Real World Protection test is such a strong benchmark for performance because it re-creates the daily usage patterns of the typical PC user.  Testing computers are loaded with available updates from their installed security suites at the beginning of every single day.

AVC then proceeds to expose each computer with samples of the Internet’s most recent malware.  About 50% of exposures include URLs that link directly to executable malware files.  This practice is meant to simulate what occurs when users are duped into downloading malware by means of social engineering, such as occurs with spam and Trojans.  The remaining half of malware exposure is from drive-by downloads – almost all of which were blocked by all tested software.

In all, each security suite was exposed to 1821 test cases.

How Emsisoft Performed

A quick visual representation of performance illustrates that Emsisoft was a top performer all 4 months.

August: 443 exposures

August: 443 exposures

September: 326 exposures

September: 326 exposures

 October: 527 exposures

October: 527 exposures

 November: 525 exposures

November: 525 exposures

By the numbers, Emsisoft Anti-Malware running on default settings was only compromised twice.  That’s just 2 instances out of 1821, for a 99.9% blockage rate, placing us as the 3rd most effective security program in a field of 22 competitors.  Since testing, the weaknesses that allowed both bugs in have been patched.

False Alarms

AVC also took false alarms into consideration during testing.  This was done to simulate real life usage and interaction with each antivirus software.  For real users, there is nothing more inefficient than a security suite that is overprotective and prevents freedom of usage.  False alarms that call for user permission can also be quite annoying.

From August to November, Emsisoft performed at a below average false alarm rate.  This can be attributed to the software’s user friendly design and emphasis on efficiency.

The Bottom Line

Speaking of efficient, Emsisoft Anti-Malware was one of the few programs tested that wasn’t an Internet Security Suite and was instead simply an antivirus platform.  AVC’s standard procedure is to test Internet Security Suites, however it does give vendors the option to submit any suite of their choosing.

We decided to submit Emsisoft Anti-Malware on its own, to prove that we didn’t need a bloated suite to ensure effective protection.  As it turns out, we were right.  We placed in the highest tier, receiving an Advanced+ Certification from one of the most objective independent agencies in the world.

Here’s to yet another Anti-Malware Free Year!

Emsisoft wins AVLab Internet Security Award 2014

The results are in, and Emsisoft Anti-Malware 8 has placed within the top tier of AvLab’s best in antivirus performance for 2014.  Among 36 comparable programs, Emsisoft came in 4th, leading the pack in 9 of 14 sub-tests. 



Testing Conditions

AvLab is an independent antivirus testing organization based in Poland and dedicated to finding the very best in antivirus software for both home and enterprise users.  The 2014 Performance Test was designed to find most unobtrusive, efficient, and effective antivirus program on the market today.

Primary test conditions were identical for every program evaluated.  To emulate the average user experience, AvLab ran the test on a machine running Windows 7 Professional X64 + SP1, with all critical updates up to September 3, 2013.

The computer had the following hardware:

-CPU: Athlon II X2 240 2.8 GHz

-RAM: 2x4GB DDR3 1333 MHz

-HDD: Seagate 500 GB SATA II 7200 RPM 32MB Cache

Where Emsisoft Stood Out

We’re proud to say that Emsisoft Anti-Malware 8 received top rankings in 9 out of 14 AvLab Performance sub-tests, earning itself a Highest Certification.  Some of Emsisoft’s highest rankings were on tests that evaluated the software’s unobtrusiveness and speed.

Number of processes

Antivirus programs that minimize child processes can operate more efficiently than bulkier, more process heavy programs.  Emsisoft Anti-Malware 8 uses 2 child processes, which placed it in the highest tier of AvLab’s number of processes sub-test.  Slower, lower ranked programs were found to use up to 12 processes to provide an equivalent degree of protection.

Impressively, AvLab actually used another Emsisoft program, Emsisoft HiJackFree to conduct this sub-test.

Speed to start GUI

Graphical user interface launch speed is one of the most noticeable aspects of any computer software, especially for everyday home users.  AvLab used APPTimer to determine GUI start speeds and took the average of 5 start times.  Emsisoft Anti-Malware 8 ranked 5th in GUI launch time, with an average start speed of .07 seconds! 

RAM usage at rest

AvLab used Window’s Performance Monitor to test each program’s RAM usage.  The monitor took measurements every five seconds for five minutes.  At rest, Emsisoft’s antivirus component used 103 MB and the software as a whole used 1190 MB.  These results placed Emsisoft Anti-Malware 8 as the 5th best software in the sub-test.

Processor usage at rest

AvLab used a similar methodology to its RAM test to determine each program’s processor usage.  Emsisoft Anti-Malware 8 was the top scorer in this subtest, using only 0.2% of the testing computer’s processor space.

HDD system at rest

Much like RAM and processor usage, Emsisoft’s HDD usage at rest was top tier and minimal.  Window’s Performance Monitor measured a mere 0.1% disk space usage, putting Emsisoft Anti-Malware 8 in a tie for first place with 7 other low usage contenders.

Processor usage while scanning

High rankings while at rest are important, but a truly unobtrusive antivirus  program is one that can remain so while scanning.  Emsisoft Anti-Malware 8 placed 5th in this sub-test, utilizing 38% of the testing computer’s processor during scan.

Scan time

Emsisoft Anti-Malware 8 scanned 15073 MB of data in 134 seconds.  That’s a throughput rate of 112.5 MB/sec.  This impressive speed made us the 4th fastest antivirus system in AvLab’s performance test.

What this means

Placing 4th overall in a tough field of 36 competitors is something to be proud of.  To do well in the AvLab Performance Test, software must be able to operate quickly and unobtrusively – and as the results have shown these are two of Anti-Malware 8’s greatest strengths.  Placing 4th puts Emsisoft Anti-Malware 8 in AvLab’s top tier of performers and has earned us a Highest Certification ranking.

With a little more work and refinement, we might just become Poland’s Best come 2015.


Emsisoft Anti-Malware shows how it’s done: MRG Effitas Tests Q2-Q3 2013

Emsisoft Anti-Malware triumphed in two of the latest MRG Effitas assessments, achieving a perfect score, and once again proving its reliability in online security.

1) MRG Effitas Time to Detect Assessment Q2 & Q3 2013

 The MRG Effitas “Time to Detect Assessment” examines which antivirus products are able to prevent infections of 300 brand new malware samples as well as the time to accomplish a 100% detection rate within a 24 hour period. 275 of the attempts to infect the system were performed using live URLs via Internet Explorer and 25 via a USB stick.


Amongst all 17 participants, Emsisoft Anti-Malware was one of the few to pass the MRG Effitas Time to Detect Assessment with a detection rate of 100% on the first run!

Read the complete report at the MRG Effitas website.


2) MRG Effitas “Time to Detect & Remediate Assessment” Project Q2 2013

The latest MRG Effitas “Time to Detect & Remediate Assessment” focuses on core financial malware such as ZeuS and Torpig, which are still one of the most active and widespread malware families worldwide. All 17 tested antivirus products were challenged to prevent infections of 250 brand new banking trojans from live URLs. In addition, for security applications that were not able to prevent the infections initially, the time until the vendors reacted to new appearances (remediation performance) was also taken into consideration for the final rating.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware passed the MRG Effitas “Time to Detect & Remediate Assessment” with a score of 100% out of the box and was certified with the MRG Online Banking Security Assessment Q2 2013 award.

The complete report is available for download at the MRG Effitas website.


About MRG Effitas

MRG is assessing the ability of a cohort of security products to prevent an endpoint from being infected by live, ITW malware. The two metrics MRG Effitas believes are most relevant are:

1. The time taken to protect a system. There are two sub elements to this metric:

  • Time to detect
  • Time to remediate

2. Assessment of data exfiltration. There are three sub elements to this metric:

  • Determination as to whether a data breach has occurred or not (uncorrupted data)
  • Calculation of what was breached
  • Measurement of how long the breach occurred


Emsisoft Anti-Malware wins AV-Comparatives “Real-World” Protection Test in September

Emsisoft Anti-Malware won the latest AV-Comparatives “Real-World” Protection Test in September 2013. With a perfect score of 100% and 0 false positives, we triumphed over 20 other antivirus products!



Head over to the AV-Comparatives website for an interactive version of above chart.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware 8.1 accomplishes highest possible rank in AV-Comparatives File Detection Test September 2013

99.5% out of 129,253 sample variants were properly detected by Emsisoft Anti-Malware 8.1 in the AV-Comparatives File Detection Test this September 2013.

A good file detection rate is considered as being one of the most important and reliable features of an anti-virus product. However, it’s only when this is combined with a low number of false alarms, that this rate is actually meaningful. For this reason, the highest possible Advanced+ award was only awarded by the AV-C committee to products with few (0-2) or very few (3-15) false positive warnings and a perfect detection rate.

This makes us more than happy to announce, that due to its excellent performance, Emsisoft Anti-Malware was decorated with the Advanced+ award in AV-Comparatives File Detection Test September 2013.

Among all contestants, up to 10% of the malware samples were missed and the average number of false detections in this test was 14.55 with the worst tested product having wrongly detected 37 non-malicious files.

As a result, only 9 out of 20* products scored lower than 10 false positives in this test and received a higher remuneration than an Advanced award. Emsisoft Anti-Malware performed supurbly, ranking in the upper league of all tested products in both test cases.




Top 3 products by Detection Rate (clustered groups):
1) Avira, F-Secure, Gdata: 99,7%
2) McAfee, Panda: 99,6%
3) Bitdefender, Emsisoft, Kaspersky: 99,5%
Average missed samples rate (all participating products): 2%


Top 10 products by False Alarm Rate
1) Microsoft
3) F-Secure 4) Fortinet
5) Kaspersky
6) Emsisoft (7 FP)
7) Bitdefender, BullGuard, Sophos
8) Avast


The full report (in English) can be downloaded as a PDF from the Website.






* The test results of the Chinese products Kingsoft, Qihoo 3360 and Tencent QQ are included in the Chinese version of this report only, which was not available to us at the time of this summary.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware gives the competition a hard fight for another VB100 award

VB100 recently published their latest Reactive and Proactive test results with a massive amount of unique and new WildList samples on Windows 7. Under very demanding conditions, the quality of each product’s heuristic and generic detection routines was measured.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware accomplished no less than 100% detection of all “On Demand” and “On Access” WildList samples, both standard + extended sets, with 0 False Positives and 0 Warnings. The VB100 “On Demand” test only used inactive malware samples, which were moved to the hard drive during the “On Access” tests in order to trigger on access scans of a product’s file guard.

While the detection rates were rather good throughout the tested products, Emsisoft Anti-Malware outpaced the competition with 38% less RAM usage and 75% less increase in CPU load compared to the test average. While running, access time for standard file activities remained economical, while some products suffered from a substantial increase.


The very impressive detection rate of 98.43% on the reactive test series, displays the commitment and passion of the Emsisoft team to consistently improve their products. With only four other products scoring above 94% in the Overall Reactive and Proactive ranking, Emsisoft Anti-Malware continues to compete in the top league.


About Virus Bulletin

For many years, Virus Bulletin has carried out independent comparative testing of anti-malware products. The unique VB100 certification scheme is widely recognized within the industry. Virus Bulletin tests anti-malware products free of charge and, unlike other certification schemes, does not allow re-testing – performances are reported exactly as they are found.


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Emsisoft is one of the winners at the Constantinus IT Award best rating
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